Slow gain calculations & wallet syncs

We are currently experiencing technical issues with wallet imports and gain calculations. We hope to have this resolved by Tuesday (4th Jan).

This is mostly due to an unexpected surge in users during the holiday period. We appreciate your patience on this. If you were on a deadline or are unhappy (understandably so) with your experience then please contact us for a full refund.

Our customer support team is going through a large backlog of tickets but we aim to respond to all open tickets by middle of next week.


Thank you for the info about this, can we request that your update this thread, as things are fixed.
Much appreciated.


Was that so hard ? Did you have to wait a week before making an announcement ?

Please update customers in a more timely fashion in the future.

Taxes are important matters and causing undue stress isn’t good customer service.


Dropped the ball on this one sadly, we will definitely be announcing such disruptions in service much faster in the future. Apologies for the delay and stress this has caused!


Of course, the thread will be updated as we resolve the issues.


Guys, yes it takes way longer than usual, and yes it is annoying, but it still works. Update your files, and even if shows an error and transactions still zero, you will still see a pending status.

Log out, and come back in a few hours, your transactions are going to be there. I tried myself between yesterday and today.

Not true for Gemini. Syncing with either rate limit or just fail completely (Gemini API fails: Rate Limited). Same with CSV import. Hopefully this resolves soon.

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You can always drop a promo code as a thank you, for all the problems.


Approved, a promo code to incentivize renewal despite these problems would be great.


I just tried to add wallets and they are not synching. Will I have go through this process again later in the week?

Ok thank you for that update. A note on the website may be helpful for others to see. I had to spend many hours trying to resolve. It is the holidays and that is understandable with time of year. But knowing it is being dealt with is helpful.

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Wanted to post it as a feature request but not allowed to (for some reason).

Please add an option to deactivate the automatic recalculations. Would be great (for users and you):

  1. User could disable the automatic recalculations
  2. Do changes in wallets (transaction merging, adding manual etc.)
  3. Re-enable calculations

I find it very disturbing when working with Algorand wallet where I merge a lot and everything is moving and spinning in UI. Such feature would also save you some computation power.


I still can’t use the Koinly. All my account is working except Binance, showing me 0 transaction after 4 hour sync

Update on our technical issues with wallet imports and gain calculations: the system is now stable and we are monitoring this actively.

Our Customer Support team is working hard to answer all questions. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


Still there is a problem in adding BTC wallet by address… Getting this error… most of the time… “Something went wrong while syncing, try again in a few minutes or contact support.”

I have tried many delete and reties …still same issue

Hannah, I am getting a Binance Smart Chain API error

Error! Invalid address format

But the API is working in another tax sofware.
Is this another of the technical issues?

Still not work the Binance API :frowning:

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Binance Smartchain API - Still not working although it is working in another crypto tax software app. Come on Koinly. How about acknowledging the problem at least.

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Silent sync failure for both Binance (Tax API Key), and FTX here. Added the wallets yesterday. It first showed a timer, and later on it showed “Queued”. After a while the progress pop-up disappears and the wallets haven’t synced anything (Status: “Synced never”). I’ve tried selecting “Resync wallet from beginning” with the same outcome multiple times. I’ve also tried removing the wallets and re-adding them without any success. Is it just that the system is overloaded right now and that I just have to be patient? My 5 other integrations work just fine, they have much smaller transaction history though.