Gemini API fails: Rate Limited

About a month ago I accidentally reset my account and lost all transactions. I have 2 exchange accounts one being Gemini. Multiple other wallets. I was able to re-sync everything except Gemini.

For a while I was getting error: too many transactions and about 40 would only download – in Gemini there were 300-400 txns. I tried to delete and re-install the ‘wallet’ using different dates for the import, but no luck. Created new API’s, etc etc. Now, I just get error: Rate Limited and nothing gets imported. I have been trying for a while now.

To test whether this has to do with my account at Gemini, I tried Cointracker. The entire history was synced in a matter of minutes. This shows that the issue is on the Koinly side. Can you please help to resolve? Please do not propose to import from a file,I know how to do that. At this point, I don’t have much use for Koinly unless integration of my account is restored.

Thank you.


Same. Another crypto tax software also is having gemini sync troubles. Will be doing the manual csv, but I am definitely not having super exact values

I am having this same problem. Koinly do you have any update on the fix for this?

API says Too many transactions, and when importing .csv, the Gemini trades are not recorded.

Any luck getting this resolved? The same thing started happening to me about three weeks ago. I’ve tried clearing/deleting/recreating my Gemini wallet, tried new APIs, etc… It always throws the RateLimited error after 55 transactions. Using the same APIs with Cointracker works so it seems to be either how Koinly is doing the query or the IPs that they’re doing the queries from. I suspect the former as it seems like they must be aware of the issue on some level because lately when you try to update Gemini via the API it now it goes into a queue, probably in an attempt to avoid doing a bunch of queries for different users concurrently from the same IPs. I’m guessing there’s some issue where they’re doing subqueries too quickly.

I’ve also tried going the csv route but it’s just not as accurate. If there’s no resolution soon I’m going to have to write a python script to query and build an accurate csv or result to using another tracker for taxes which I really don’t want to do as Koinly has been the best fit overall for my portfolio.

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I am experiencing the same, getting stuck at 66 transactions with “too much data for one sync, try syncing again” Noticing it does not pull any trades, just imports deposits and withdrawals. So for me, it is missing all trades and Gemini earn transactions. I thought it was a daily limit, but waiting a day and trying again does not help

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