Coinbase Pro not syncing via API

Describe the problem:
Coinbase Pro will not sync via API

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Coinbase Pro

How did you import data into this wallet?

What have you tried to fix this so far?
I have deleted and added back my Coinbase Pro wallet twice. Still not fixed.

Same here. In fact I’m having issues with all my account syncing. Maybe everyone is doing taxes and jamming up the network? lol

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Same issue here importing from Coinbase Pro API for the first time - it’s been stuck saying it is syncing for the past couple hours.

I tried recreating and double checking my API key info on Coinbase Pro, but no luck getting it to work.

Edit: Transactions just came through, seems like it just got hung up for a couple hours.

Mine has been stuck for 3 days just keeps saying updaing your gains in progress???

same here, it’s showing as no transactions or holdings even after syncing

I’m also having the issue. I can see my Coinbase transactions, but no Pro transactions yet. It has been several hours. I’m trying to initiate a sync again.

plz ser may i plz do tax

They just made a recent announcement about this: Slow gain calculations & wallet syncs

Same here. Their system is probably all clogged up, but this is indeed annoying lol

This is a known issue atm, please see status here: Slow gain calculations & wallet syncs - #6 by robinyo