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Found a bug? Not sure how to fix a problem? Let us know here.

My account is bugged, it’s fully stuck on just calculating… i tried everything from resetting my cache and cookies, deleting all my wallets and yeah no luck. I can’t do anything with it at the moment.

I’d like to report two bugs related to the “ROI” column on the Dashboard:

  1. one of my holdings is up 1596% (awesome)… but the Dashboard shows an ROI of “1%” It looks like anything greater than 999% is being truncated.
  2. when I sort by the ROI column, the results are based on the $ value gain instead of the ROI % shown in that column. For example, a holding with a gain of $5000 that is only a10% increase is shows higher on the list than a holding with $1000 gains due to a 20% increase. I would expect the higher ROI % to appear near the top, regardless of the $ gain.

Apparently the Koinly support strategy is to create a discussion forum for issues that they can conveniently ignore and not use at all for helping customers…


Hey guys, as you probably know it’s possible since some weeks to create a binance chain on your Metamask. The problem is the auto-sync. When I click on auto-sync, only my ethereum-network-account gonna be synced. Koinly doesn’t recognize my binance chain account on metamask… I can’t add it separately with a new wallet, as the wallet-adress is the same. Do you guys have any updates on this thematic?

Koinly no longer accepts the .csv reports from Nicehash. I am able to upload my old reports, but anything new from nicehash is coming up as “Unknown File”
Nothing is different about the new reports from Nicehash as far as I can tell.

It’s a really nice website. The only issue is I had 10 fils in my account, the average price was 121.88. I have bought another three this morning paying 105.9 pound each. After updating my wallet koinly says I have 13 now which is correct but the average price is still 121.88 when the true one is 116.62.
I dont know why …

Se pueden agregar monedas que no muestra la aplicacion o como puedo agregar esa trassacion.

I have started to reconcile my transactions and the last transaction I did which is the first on the list was move 5000 CRBN from 1 account on my meta mask to another no sale involved and I see that a $1,276 dollar profit has been posted I never swapped or sold any tokens merely moved it from one account gto another in the same metamask how do we rectify these types of errors


I’m trying to download my tax report for the year, all my wallets are there, I’ve paid for a plan and there’s no messages saying it’s still calculating my gains but when I actually try to download my report it says “Please wait for your gains to finish calculating - at 100%”

Is this a known issue? I just want to file my taxes

I tried to add my cash-outs from Binance to cover my tax and Koinly adds them as deposits to Binance??
It shows my trades back to AUD but kionly doesn’t show my withdrawals back to my bank account? I looked at trying to change the Withdrawals after adding the csv from Binance but it won’t allow me??
All adds up to saying I’ve got double my cash outs as missing fiat on Binance???