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Found a bug? Not sure how to fix a problem? Let us know here.

My account is bugged, it’s fully stuck on just calculating… i tried everything from resetting my cache and cookies, deleting all my wallets and yeah no luck. I can’t do anything with it at the moment.

I’d like to report two bugs related to the “ROI” column on the Dashboard:

  1. one of my holdings is up 1596% (awesome)… but the Dashboard shows an ROI of “1%” It looks like anything greater than 999% is being truncated.
  2. when I sort by the ROI column, the results are based on the $ value gain instead of the ROI % shown in that column. For example, a holding with a gain of $5000 that is only a10% increase is shows higher on the list than a holding with $1000 gains due to a 20% increase. I would expect the higher ROI % to appear near the top, regardless of the $ gain.

Apparently the Koinly support strategy is to create a discussion forum for issues that they can conveniently ignore and not use at all for helping customers…


Hey guys, as you probably know it’s possible since some weeks to create a binance chain on your Metamask. The problem is the auto-sync. When I click on auto-sync, only my ethereum-network-account gonna be synced. Koinly doesn’t recognize my binance chain account on metamask… I can’t add it separately with a new wallet, as the wallet-adress is the same. Do you guys have any updates on this thematic?

Koinly no longer accepts the .csv reports from Nicehash. I am able to upload my old reports, but anything new from nicehash is coming up as “Unknown File”
Nothing is different about the new reports from Nicehash as far as I can tell.

It’s a really nice website. The only issue is I had 10 fils in my account, the average price was 121.88. I have bought another three this morning paying 105.9 pound each. After updating my wallet koinly says I have 13 now which is correct but the average price is still 121.88 when the true one is 116.62.
I dont know why …