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My account is bugged, it’s fully stuck on just calculating… i tried everything from resetting my cache and cookies, deleting all my wallets and yeah no luck. I can’t do anything with it at the moment.

I’d like to report two bugs related to the “ROI” column on the Dashboard:

  1. one of my holdings is up 1596% (awesome)… but the Dashboard shows an ROI of “1%” It looks like anything greater than 999% is being truncated.
  2. when I sort by the ROI column, the results are based on the $ value gain instead of the ROI % shown in that column. For example, a holding with a gain of $5000 that is only a10% increase is shows higher on the list than a holding with $1000 gains due to a 20% increase. I would expect the higher ROI % to appear near the top, regardless of the $ gain.

Apparently the Koinly support strategy is to create a discussion forum for issues that they can conveniently ignore and not use at all for helping customers…


Hey guys, as you probably know it’s possible since some weeks to create a binance chain on your Metamask. The problem is the auto-sync. When I click on auto-sync, only my ethereum-network-account gonna be synced. Koinly doesn’t recognize my binance chain account on metamask… I can’t add it separately with a new wallet, as the wallet-adress is the same. Do you guys have any updates on this thematic?

Koinly no longer accepts the .csv reports from Nicehash. I am able to upload my old reports, but anything new from nicehash is coming up as “Unknown File”
Nothing is different about the new reports from Nicehash as far as I can tell.

It’s a really nice website. The only issue is I had 10 fils in my account, the average price was 121.88. I have bought another three this morning paying 105.9 pound each. After updating my wallet koinly says I have 13 now which is correct but the average price is still 121.88 when the true one is 116.62.
I dont know why …

Se pueden agregar monedas que no muestra la aplicacion o como puedo agregar esa trassacion.

I have started to reconcile my transactions and the last transaction I did which is the first on the list was move 5000 CRBN from 1 account on my meta mask to another no sale involved and I see that a $1,276 dollar profit has been posted I never swapped or sold any tokens merely moved it from one account gto another in the same metamask how do we rectify these types of errors


I’m trying to download my tax report for the year, all my wallets are there, I’ve paid for a plan and there’s no messages saying it’s still calculating my gains but when I actually try to download my report it says “Please wait for your gains to finish calculating - at 100%”

Is this a known issue? I just want to file my taxes

I tried to add my cash-outs from Binance to cover my tax and Koinly adds them as deposits to Binance??
It shows my trades back to AUD but kionly doesn’t show my withdrawals back to my bank account? I looked at trying to change the Withdrawals after adding the csv from Binance but it won’t allow me??
All adds up to saying I’ve got double my cash outs as missing fiat on Binance???

Binance .csv files do not upload to Koinly Binance wallet. Import progress lasts indefinitely, no transactions appear to wallet.

What’s going on?

I’m trying to understand how to download my CSV and API from crypto.com can’t find the function
Same thing with NEXO wallet
Both apps takes forever to respond to support, please help?

I’ve spent all day today trying to figure out how to get this missing cost basis on my Kucoin account resolved. I think it might stem from an issue with the rebase token AMPL. I followed the directions on Koinly support site, added a manual withdrawal and deposit to fix the cost basis for that one time I purchased AMPL, and adjusted the values, marked one of them as lost per the instructions. However, I think it is causing an issue with later transactions not recognizing that USDT that I used to trade AMPL as having a cost basis. Can someone please assist > —

Wallet: KuCoin (KuCoin)
Transactions: 735
Imported with: API

  1. No airdrops/forks found
  2. 1 transactions have been added manually
  3. This API has certain limitations:
    ---- Data prior to the Kucoin upgrade on 2019-02-18 may be missing
  4. 8 transactions are missing purchase history
    ---- Missing 17.72018222 MIR between 2021-10-12 20:28:33 UTC and 2021-12-03 17:34:44 UTC
    ---- Missing 12209.88804623 CHR on 2021-10-17 00:26:41 UTC
    ---- Missing 8.42182 LTC on 2021-10-16 20:09:56 UTC
    ---- Missing 882.36985804 USDT between 2021-10-12 13:24:42 UTC and 2021-10-13 15:28:25 UTC

Showing a cost basis of .03 for AMUSDC on Polygon. Swapped the AMUSDC for AMWETH and AMWMatic resulting in massive “profits.” As much as I would have liked to buy USDC for .03, it has never been that price. Using the “Edit” function attempted to correct the cost basis and was unable to. How do I fix the cost basis?

Import via API, Polygonscan.

My Maiar Wallet is not picking up all the transactions from the ELROND blockchain log. I checked and was able to confirm that the transactions are on the ELROND blockchain log, but the same transactions are not showing up on the Maiar wallet. This is causing the tax report to be incorrect. Is this due to a Koinly issue? If yes, can you please fix it? Thank you!

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I can’t find how to syc Coinbase Wallet all I can find is several folks asking the same question but no answers as to how to do that

I’m having issues with my BNB and BSC wallets. Koinly thinks I should have 4BNB more than I have, its not recognizing that everytime i “transferred” BNB to BSC wallet it was actually a swap. How can i fix this

I imported a csv from Phemex for my margin transactions. When Koinly populated the 8949 Form, it shows 0.0 BTC for the Description of Property Column. Is this normal or is this an error that I need to correct?

Phemex Exchange
CSV Import

I have meticulously integrated all of my transactions (over 6k of them) into Koinly and everything on my dashboard is accurate.

Then I print out my 8949 and there are crazy transactions on there that never occurred:

6.34 ETH bought and sold on February 9th.
14.96 BNB bought and sold on March 13th.
some mystery coin bought on March 13th for 3k and sold on march 28th for 9k.
6.8 ETH again shows up on February 9th bought and sold
49 BNB again shows up on March 13th bought and sold
13k USDC bought and sold on April 5th
14500 Matic bought and sold on April 10th
6.6 Quick bought and sold on May 7th
867 Fish bought and sold on May 19th
DFYN LP worth 4800 bought and sold on June 5th
These show up as wash trades so they don’t really affect my capital gains…but they make my total transactions look gigantic and way inaccurate…showing that my cost basis of $226k with proceeds of $227k. This is grossly inaccurate and i don’t want to submit this for my taxes.

Anyone else seen something like this? It’s impossible for me to fix because my dashboard is accurate. When I search my transactions by those dates nothing even close to those show up. There is no way I bought and sold over 13 ETH on February 9th. I went back and I had a transaction for .05 ETH on that date.

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