Wallets no longer sync

Metamask, and Kraken qued for syncing for over an hour, never syncs.

Tried on different Koinly accounts different wallets, same issue.


How is this not front and center on there site. I thought oh it takes awhile sometimes ill wait a hour or two. Maybe there more busy than usual ill wait a day. “It has been 3 freeking days still says updating gains and I cant print the file for my turbo tax until it finishes???”

KOINLY DO SOMETHING ADDRESS YOUR SUBSCRIBERS… It should not be this hard to figure out if there is a issue. I only see it here it says nothing of techincal difficultys on there site and even the chat box seems to have been removed?

koinly address your paying customers we need help


yes mine says “queued” message at the bottom since last 2 days. i think koinly has some backend issues since last few days.


Same here, nothing is syncing

Same issue here. My metamask is "queued’ and nothing is happening

same. xrp, xlm, btc wallets aren’t syncing

yeah looks like syncing is down.

I have exactly the same problem here. Syncing takes forever atm :frowning:

Same here - Swyftx, Celsius, various other wallets just stays queued for ages, regardless of whether using wifi or not.

I am having the same issue, is dev aware? Tax season will be here soon this better be fixed!

Going to ask for a refund tomorrow. $125 for a broken site

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Can’t sync either… I was looking forward to this, but it’s getting frusturating.

I can’t sync anything! I have been waiting for hours but now I see there is a problem with the website.

Here in the UK, under consumer protection laws, a product which doesn’t forfill its advertised function entitles you to a full refund

Yeah, it hasnt resync my wallets yet. Still waiting…

This is a known issue atm, please see status here: Slow gain calculations & wallet syncs - #6 by robinyo