Syncing stuck and queued

Syncing is broken. Waiting hours and days. Is this normal?

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I am also stuck syncing for what feels like an eternity. :weary: :see_no_evil:

Same. API stuck syncing

still waiting. Awful from Koinly. Looks like my day is wasted. What a shame!

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same. I can’t sync my 4wallet.

Same, Bittrex Sync took forever, and then said 0 transactions.
Have tried a Bittrex CSV that worked previously, and this time it finally said ‘Oops something went wrong’, and 0 transactions.
I think we broke Koinly today.

Same here! My exchange sync has been stuck for hours now!

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mine too. even binance transaction import is not working. Can anyone from Koinly look into the matter. Today I got time to do my crypto accounting and here I am. Already wasted 2 hrs.


Has been trying to sync for the last few hours but no luck yet. No response from Koinly support so far as they must be off nursing there New Year hang overs. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.


Same with me. Attempting to sync a new ADA address. My other ADA addresses are already synced. Says Queued for an hour now. This is quite annoying and wasting my time.

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Used a competitor, entering and syncing all wallets took less than 5 minutes. What’s up Koinly?

I have also been waiting about an hour for 3 small imports. Just year-end changes for 3 wallets. less than 50 transactions each.

Had the same issue yesterday, not sure what happened it’s normally a lot quicker.

Thought it was just my end, I have several new accounts not syncing despite adding API and permissions accordingly

Same here… this sucks

This is a known issue atm, please see status here: Slow gain calculations & wallet syncs - #6 by robinyo