Slow gain calculations & wallet syncs

STILL Binance Smart Chain (BNB) Not syncing. " Error! Invalid address format! - When the address works perfectly in another tax software. Seriously poor support around here. Is there somewhere else that tickets can be opened t receive support because this is not support at all.

Getting the 404 for Ndax. api - can’t upload info

So i paid for pro version just to start ripping my hair out due to the API keys not working for a number of exchanges all because of issues in the background.

Am i just supposed to give up entirely and pray that you guys six some of these issues.

Bitrue still showing zero transactions for many days now.

Bitrue API still not working

FTX sync is not working properly. Seems that the transactions are imported but not reflected on gains nor in the dashboard. Could you please have a look into this.

You can ignore my message. FTX sync is working as normal.

Hi Andy,

Does your address come up if you search for it on
All addresses on the BSC should start with a ‘0x’ and should be visible on

Please send me a PM here on the forum or contact [email protected] if you need further assistance with this.

Best regards,

It still doesnt seem to be working my end?

Hey guys
Could someone tell me what happens to the Binance API
I haven’t been able to sync with Binance for over a week
I have to report to HMRC, but I can’t do it
Csv doesn’t work because it’s only available four times in 3 months, not all
Someone please answer.

My FTX sync started working as well, but there are some pretty huge errors in there, as if some transactions that I can see on FTX side are only partially imported. Tried re-importing without success. The dashboard page is also broken, with like 10x higher numbers than they ought to be above the graph.

The issue was not specific to January. This issue continues today, with every correction or change made to transactions triggers an auto update that can take hours to finish. This is not building a lot of confidence on this as fast solution.