Ledger BTC Wallet Not Pulling in all Transactions nor the correct balance

Describe the problem:
Koinly is not pulling through my correct balance nor the full transaction history from Ledger BTC Wallet

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Ledger BTC

How did you import data into this wallet?
Creating a wallet for the public key for my BTC

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Re-Syncing, removing/re-adding, adding multiple version of the public address, following the instructions found in another support article.

Have you been able to import any transactions yet? I just purchased Koinly and have been working all week on this with little luck. Everything you noted I tried.

Koinly worked great for my last year, but I’ve recently moved a lot of my crypto to my Ledger, BTC is the only one I’m having an issue with. Still no luck. I haven’t received any follow up from Koinly help yet.

Did you transfer your BTC to the same address within ledger every time? If you just click “deposit” the ledger will generate a new BTC address for every deposit. So Koinly will only recognize the one address unless you import using your xpub address, which can be a privacy concern

Hi Mark!

Just like @killaen said, this is likely due to not using the xpub key which is required when importing BTC transactions from a ledger.
We have some more information on it here:
I hope that helps!

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