Koinly showing incorrect information after importing csv from Bit Buy

Wallet: Bitbuy (Bitbuy)
Transactions: 49
Imported with: CSV
The result does not much current BitBuy. It has a coin and cash which is not currently there.

Deleted all transactions etc. and re-imported all the data - same result.
Contacted BitBuy support, however, they are saying that the issue is not on their end and to contact Koinly… How can I correct this to ensure it is matching?

Hi @Mr_Max,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for joining the Discuss community!

You may need multiple CSV files from Bitbuy to cover your entire trading history. I believe they also only export one year’s worth of data at a time. I mention this as a potential reason there are some missing transactions. The Bitbuy support team is right on that we can help correctly import these files.

One thing to mention is requesting a full transaction history from their support team if you haven’t already (as opposed to directly downloading the files from your BitBuy account).

We have a BitBuy integration page to ensure the steps are correct.

That said, please connect with our support team if the issue persists. We want to help save time with this!

Thank you again, Mr. Max. Have an awesome day!

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