Daily Sync not working

I have paid for Daily Sync but the wallets are not synchronizing daily!

My last auto sync was Jan 9 a couple of days ago. I just manually triggered a binance sync and it threw up new transactions for Jan 10 and Jan 11, so it does look like auto sync isn’t currently working. Koinly?

We are looking into this, please message us on Live chat along with the wallet id that hasnt synced in last 24 hours

Wallet ID? In my case no wallet is synching automatically.

In my case some wallets are auto syncing, some are not. I have engaged on the live chat to give details. Some last done 3 days ago, others within 24 hours.

I also realised that there is a useful feature to turn off auto sync for wallet that I never use now. Edit the wallet and Disable API.

Please message on live chat so we can look into your account

I already wrote in the live chat a few days ago and never got a reply. Btw. could you please increase your devs & qa? So many issues which are not getting resolved at all, the website is amazing, but the issues are really frustrating.

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