What is Daily Sync plan extra?

As title. On plans page, $49 extra for:
• Koinly will automatically check for new transactions on all your synced wallets. Valid for 1 year from date of purchase

I thought Koinly does this already with API or wallet addresses? Would this functionality stop if I buy a plan unless I pay extra?


We do not auto sync wallets daily for users on the free plans anymore, you would need this pack only if you plan on using Koinly for portfolio tracking. If you only want to generate tax reports then this is not needed as you can still sync the wallets manually when needed.

I have a lot of wallets and exchanges… does this mean I now have to keep track of which exchange I trade on, then manually go onto each one and ‘re-sync’?

Is there a way to ‘sync all’ ? Otherwise I need to maintain a spreadsheet separately to note which exchanges/wallets need updating

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I would also love to see a “sync all” button. I already have two pages of wallets, and will likely have more in the future, and find it error prone and a ton of extra work to have to scroll through and sync each one individually.

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We will be adding a Sync All button soon which should make this easier.



When will this be live? if love please advise when?
I bought the max plan just cause i thought this sync all is there

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I bought the Synch All feature in mid 2021 for $49 US and it never worked. Koinly told me there was no ETA on fixing it and gave me a full refund.

Hi All,

The Daily Sync feature is ready to go, and valid for one year from the date of purchase. :raised_hands:

You can find the add-on under the Plans page, if you would like to purchase it for your current/upcoming tax year:

Thanks for your patience, and have an awesome day!

The daily sync worked flawlessly for months in my case. In december suddenly it stopped working and I was in contact with the support. I received a voucher and bought the daily sync option a second time but still the daiy sync sometimes works, sometimes not. It seems that the daily sync is now more some kind of weekly sync and different wallets are synced at different day and times.
Is there a broader problem going on? Should I just expect to wait until it is fixed? Is it a problem of single accounts like mine or independend from my account? Would like to understand what’s the problem and if some action by me is needed.

I have also noticed that the daily sync is no longer working as well as it used to in the latter half of 2022. It now seems to be synching every 3 days and synchs some wallets one day and other wallets the next and so on. I assume this is a broad issue affecting all daily sync subscribers.

Could Koinly support please investigate and comment on this issue? Thanks.

Bit of a rip off when on the max plan already. And the wording is auto-sync when create the wallet.

Cheers for shining a light on that, man. Thank you!! I’ve made the adjustment to correctly reflect the feature as it’s listed. :raised_hands:

Have a stellar week!