Counbase API Reporting Errors

Describe the problem:
Coinbase API is deducting limit order amounts from total balances reported by coinbase. This is confusing and unnecessary. Deducting the amount in advance of the actual transaction happening (if ever) displays inaccurate costs basis reporting as well.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Deleting all transactions/Readding
Deleting API call and creating a new one.

Still no reply. Still the same behavior being shown via Coinbase API.

Anyone plan to address or fix this?

I raised this issue several weeks ago but the response I got was its an issue with the coinbase API and there is nothing they can do.

I did reply saying it would be a non-issue if the dashboard in Koinly used the calculated balances instead of reported api balances but was ignored!

Not really sure why the dashboard uses API reported balance because if you generate a tax report from Koinly it uses the calculated balances e.g. the dashboard doesn’t match the tax report!

At least the tax reports are correct but just means I just have to ignore the Koinly dashboard as it displays the incorrect balances.

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Hey guys @Joe_H @Adrian_Mann

Currently, it’s not even possible for us to use the “Ignore the Reported Balance” setting, which is available on other API integrations. This is strictly a Coinbase issue in which we have no say…yet.

The alternative here would be to use CSV files instead.

Adrian is correct.

As it stands now Koinly is unusable for me. Lack of attention and work on this problem being apparent throwing up hands and saying “nothing we can do” does not solve the problem.

Either interface with your contact at Coinbase and get it fixed or correct what data you pull from your own API.

The latter is possible but now I’m left to assume you simply don’t want to do the work. I’ll remember that when I file my taxes elsewhere with a different provider.

Thanks for the feedback @Joe_H , I’ll be sure it gets to the relevant team. :+1:

I would like to say however, that tax reports would still be accurate regardless of this error or not. There is a temporary solution which I provided, in that you can obtain CSV files and use these as a method of import.

I will share updates with you in this thread when I have them!

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