Coinbase API not syncing correctly

This started sometime last night. The error is now saying Too many requests (version: 16)

Please advise.



Having the same problem, took a long time yesterday and came back with wrong balances. today after 2 hours sync will not complete. Two different accounts are the same.


Also my reported balances are way off! In a good way, but unfortunately higher than it should be.


Issues evident for me too, all Coinbase holdings are out of whack by a 1000%

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Hey guys,

We are aware that Coinbase is having some issues, and our devs are currently working on a fix.

The balance issue of assets being reported as 10x, can be temporarily resolved by turning on the setting for “Ignore reported balances”

You can track the bug ticket here - Coinbase oAuth API: Reported balances are 10x the actual (and calculated) balances | API/CSV issues (public) | Koinly

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I was told by Support this is fixed. It is not.

Now I am getting this error:

[502] Coinbase — Service Unavailable Coinbase | Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Litecoin Wallet Service Unavailable Coinbase is currently down for maintenance. Please try again later or see our status page for more information.

Hi @reyrey1332,

We’re actively prioritizing the fix and expect to have it resolved soon.

Appreciate your patience!


Everything seems to be working now!

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I’m having the same issue with the dashboard. Some of my coin balances are way to high.

I re- synced coinbase and everything is working correctly now.


Yup, re-connect your API and sync again…it is fixed for me.

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