Coinbase balance is inaccurate

I have 900 MATIC in Coinbase, but Koinly is telling me that Coinbase is reporting a balance of 700.

I imported the data via API. All of the transactions are in Koinly and accounted for.

When I manually add the transactions on Koinly, I get 900.
When I manually add the transactions on Coinbase, I get 900.
Coinbase says I have 900.
Koinly says I have 700.

What do I do to resolve this?

Hi @Neill,

Thank you for your stellar patience and welcome to the community!

Great question here as there may be a few reasons why there are API issues preventing some transactions being accounted for to make up that 200 difference.

I’m sure you may have already found a resolve to this, though when you review your Coinbase wallet are there any limitations or alerts that Koinly has highlighted?

For a targeted investigation, please connect with our support team so they can help resolve this issue by reviewing your account.

Thank you for reaching out about this, Neill!

Have a wonderful day!