Coinbase api reported balances are 1/2 actual for some tokens

I just updated to new Coinbase API and did a sync. The transactions are correct, but the reported balances for 3 tokens (AAVE, FIL, GRT) are 1/2 the actual balances.

Is there a fix for this?

(A few other balances are only slightly off, probably due to rounding errors.)


Balances for Coinbase should be perfect, if not there may be something wrong with your import.

Did you setup the API using keys, or was it via the auth method?

The auth method? I was redirected to Coinbase to authorize. Should I redo using keys, and how do I do this?

No, the auth method should work fine!

Are any of your tokens listed as 1/2 balance in any open orders?

If you can, please PM me your koinly e-mail so I can check the wallet :+1:

Ahhh ok, thank you. I had limit sell orders for each of these for 1/2 my tokens. I cancelled these sell orders, resynced, and the balances are now correct in Koinly.

BUT, I also have open limit sell orders for 1/2 of some other tokens, for example, ARB, but these are not having the same problem. WEIRD! Maybe a Coinbase API bug for some of these tokens causing this?