All Transactions Duplicated in Tezos Blockchain Wallets

Describe the problem:

I logged into my Koinly account tonight where all of my wallets are auto synched daily by Koinly. On reviewing my recent txns, I quickly realized that all 4 of my Tezos wallets now had duplicates of ALL of my previously uploaded Tezos blockchain transactions dating back to the start of my use of Koinly in early 2021. This is the third time that this has happened! The last time this happened was in February of this year, Koinly Support investigated but could not find a reason or explanation for this occurrence. I had to correct the affected txns manually which was incredibly time consuming and very tedious.

As you would expect, many of my previously uploaded transactions had been merged, labelled and/or annotated on a regular basis. The duplicate transactions are in original form, i.e. not merged, labelled or annotated. The duplications cover all XTZ transactions from early 2021 to the present, i.e. thousands of transactions. With the first deadline for filing 2021-22 tax returns coming in October, this is a massive problem for me if it can’t be reversed quickly.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

All 4 of my non-exchange Tezos blockchain wallets, including Ledger wallets and a Kukai wallet.

How did you import data into this wallet?

Via API using Koinly’s daily autosync service.

What have you tried to fix this so far?

I have reached out to Koinly Support through Intercom and have provided a reference to the previous occurrence and the related ticket in Feb/March of this year.

I have exact same FRUSTRATING Issue and for me it’s not the first time this has occurred in XTZ - SO Much Time involved to rectify this manually - Doubt I will need a hairdresser anytime soon!!!

Exact same issue here as well. Please, please, please resolve this koinly. We’re talking weeks of work potentially undone by this. Unacceptable

AND I will add ANOTHER issue that annoys me with TEZOS is my staking syncs in saying its a deposit and I have to change it to show reward via tag feature - as it is income and deposit does not add it to income.

At least now though we do have the ability to select whole page and change tag on the 25 txns. But even so I am looking at an incredible amount of work - or go and soft delete all the double txns that show as Deposits; which I have done in past, along with delete whole wallet and reset up! and re-tag all staked deposits to rewards … Koinly this is an On-going issue I say

Exactly the same here, can’t figure out when it happened exactly. I have to check thousands of transactions for duplicates now, and it’s absolutely hell to do so since there’s no batch functionality to delete, annotate or edit stuff either. I’m screwed right now.

Our devs are also looking into the root cause to understand if this is a problem on our side or the Tezos API.

Will reach back with an update as soon as I have one :+1:

Is there any update on this please?

Also affected by this for the third time now, hours and hours of time wasted :frowning:

Why can koinly not delete the duplicates? The transaction information is there, just remove the most recent matching record rather than needing us to start all over again.