V1 -> V2 migration

Describe the problem:
The project migrated V1 to V2 through its own migration system. I sent all my tokens and got airdropped part of the new tokens monthly(a total of 4 airdrops). The new token was 1:0.75 so I didn’t receive the same amount.

How should I mark this to koinly? Now it is “Send”(shows as a loss because the old token price went down before migration) → and new ones are airdropped.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Binance Smart Chain

How did you import data into this wallet?
Auto-sync via wallet address

What have you tried to fix this so far?

Nothing. I don’t understand how it should go. I just want it to go right!

Hey @NikoAyni

Check out our guide for such scenarios in the link below let me know if anything is unclear!


Hey Ali and thanks for the fast reply!

So Help me understand better:

Old tokens 114 576 → migrate to new V2 ratio 1:0,75 → new tokens 85 932

New token airdrop 4 times (19 334,7 each)

Old token 114 576 / 4 = 28 644

I change “airdrop” → trade and “sent” to old token symbol and amount is 28 644 and receive is new token symbol and 19 334,7

Then amount of tokens should match even though the ratio is not 1:1?

Thanks in advance! <3