Ability to select correct token

There are times when Koinly misidentifies a token. For example, an EVO token was airdropped to my ETH address a couple of years ago. Today, I sent it to the burn address.

Koinly thinks they are different tokens. I would like to change one to match the other.

Can this be done?

Hi, you can delete the original EVO deposit and add a new manual deposit with the correct token. if you dont have a lot of manual changes in that wallet you could also just delete and readd it, I believe the issue with EVO was resolved but not applied to existing wallets.


I have deleted the original EVO deposit and imported a new one via csv. It still identifies it as the wrong EVO token.

How can I specify the correct token in a csv import?

For CSV files Koinly uses the most popular token when there’s a conflict. You can replace all occurrences of EVO with the following to make it work:


where 1234 is the ID of the currency you want to map it to. You can find the ID by searching for the coin on the markets page and clicking on it, you will see id in the url bar.

Thanks. That worked.