Support for Binance Smart Chain


I have done some yield farming on the Binance Smart Chain, and it would be very useful if Koinly could support it, as I am having difficulties keeping tracking of everything.

I do not understand technical details, but it seems to be very similar to the ethereum blockchain:

I would also like to see support for BSC and all their tokens. If it can’t be supported natively, what’s the best way for us to manage these tokens within Koinly?

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Nevermind! I see it’s there now. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Came here looking for BSC support, looks like they are ahead of another popular tax service who haven’t got the capability to import BSC transactions properly. Good job team!


It doesn’t work properly though. Even though it syncs that the transaction ID is the same it shows a separate withdrawal and deposit, so registers as a gain and a loss, and it’s able to identify the fiat value of the transacted token (even though it is present in the transaction when I look at BscScan). It doesn’t recognise they’re the same transaction. So my record is all messed-up from moving tokens between a CEX and a BSC wallet (100% in-and-out because the fees are in BNB so separate from the transacted currency).

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Agreed that this doesnt work. Can we get some contact from the Koinly team about this? Its a deal-breaking bug.

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Same here, all my transactions are messed up, because coinly doesn’t recognize, that it is the same coin, Just one ist the ERC20 version and the other the BEP20 version.

Please fix this.

It’s actually that they’re 2 separate tokens. There’s the original ERC20 and the Binance-Peg BEP20 token. Can there be a feature added to treat them as the same coin?