Binance Smart Chain tokens not showing

I have just started to use a metamask account to buy some FUEL tokens. It currently has BNB and FUEL in it. When I update my Koinly account these tokens do not show.

Is Binance Smart Chain not supported?

I have the same question regarding BNB and CAKE in my Metamask wallet (tied to the Binance Smart Chain, not Ethereum Mainnet). How do we tell Koinly to look at all Networks in our Metamask wallet?

In the meantime, I’m going to manually create a wallet in Koinly named “Metamask - BSC” and then track this activity ‘by hand’. Hopefully I’ll be able to delete those manual entries and change the Withdrawal/Deposit pairs into a single Transfer for each coin.

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Koinly does not import any BSC transactions from Metamask. CSV from BSCscan is also useless when imported onto Koinly. This is a mess. B-USD stablecoin shows as worth 0… What a mess. And noone from Koinly responding to any of these threads…


I am also having alot of issues with BSC Defi transactions. Anytime I enter into a transaction on a dex like pancakeswap, the transactions all show as fees, even where I am buying/selling a coin. Additionally, when I claim staked tokens its not showing as income.

Are there any plans to fix this? Because if not, I will have to move to a platform that supports this functionality.

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I agree, this is useful if it can’t handle these layer two networks :(. I have a ton of BSC transactions and can’t import them into Koinly. Can we please have a comment from support staff here at Koinly. Should we give up and move on to a different software solution or are there plans to address this?


I made a post nearly a month ago with this issue and no answer. They need to find a source for these token prices as it’s unusable without prices for key tokens like BUSD, ETH, etc

Same here.
I would immediately subscribe to a paid plan if there was full support for BSC.

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