Koinly unable to import metamask binance smart chain transactions

I have configured my metamask to use both eth and binance smart chain. I have a few transactions in binance smart chain for metamask . However when i do a auto sync with my metamask wallet , koinly says zero transactions .

It seems like koinly is not able to import any transactions from the binance smart chain. My ethereum metamask address has 0 transactions as i have been only using binance smart chain so far.

How do i fix this ?


Bump… I am also struggling to find any support for importing the tokens… Can we please have a support staff comment?

@chugsteruno How did you solved it?
Can you provide some steps you performed to solve the problem?
The sync feature doesn’t work for me when providing the public address and the csv import doesn’t work either.

Appreciate if you can help answer the question.

It is happening the same with me, lets see if there is a way to do it…

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Hi Select Binance smart chain from option and try providing public address

Thanks Rishabh. That solved the problem. I