Stuck logging in, says 'checking if the site connection is secure'


I’ve been trying for a couple of weeks now to login to your site but it keeps looping around saying ‘checking if the site connection is secure’

I’ve tried a few browsers, cleared my caches and I’m not connected via VPN.

Please help.


Hi @Craig_Edwards

Would you contact our support team to investigate this further?

In the meantime, could I ask you to try the following steps to initially troubleshoot your issue for us?

  1. Log in through This should clear the Cloudflare cache, the browser’s cache and any cookies that might be affecting your access.

  2. Try a different browser altogether, if you haven’t already. Are you able to sign in this way at all?

  3. Turn off your VPN if you have one.

I know you may have tried these steps but they might be useful for other users with login issues.

I have the same problem, and your suggested link does not fix it, nor do the other steps and I am not using a VPN.

The problem is especially prevalent using the Edge browser on the latest Android release on my Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Your javascript (or whatever you use) just sits and loops checking if site connection is secure and doesn’t proceed to the next ‘I’m a human’ step.

Edge on PC running Windows 11 seems to work.

Hope this helps you resole the issue for mobile users.