Product Update: 29th November 2020

  • Now you can merge multiple deposits into the same transaction (ex. for staking rewards)

  • Added new setting that allows you to set a zero cost basis for airdrops/forks

  • Added new setting that makes liquidity transactions tax free

    • note: if you already have liquidity txns in your wallets then those will not be affected by this setting (even if you turn this on)
  • Added a new Swap label that can be applied to trades to make them tax-free (useful for LEND -> AAVE and similar swaps)

    • note: this setting does not work for the Share Pooling cost method (used in UK). We are working on this.
  • Added cryptocurrency payment options


The explanation buble in the settings about this is not really clear to me. To me it’s logical that airdrops have a zero cost, why would I need a setting for this?

So the solution would be to delete each impacted wallet and import again?

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The merge function is great but does not work for costs, e.g. when you have a trade split up in multiple small trades and the trading fees appear separately, in my case Kraken fees KFEE, imported by API. I can merge the small trades but I can’t merge the small fees, why?

We will be updating this to also allow merging costs into a trade :slight_smile:

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I’m no expert, but in certain jurisdictions, if you are operating as a business, you may need to declare airdrops for inventory and declare the value at the FMV upon airdrop, or the FMV at year end (whichever is lower).

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Are there any plans to allow loan interest and staking rewards to have zero cost as well?