Product Update: 26th November 2020

  • Added bitmart and bitrue API
  • Added transaction “merge” feature. This will allow you to select any deposit and withdrawal and merge them into a single transaction. Use it to merge trades that appear as separate transactions or any transfers that are not matched automatically.
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Any news in regards to Binance Futures?

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Can the “merge” function be used to deal with token swaps?
Eg. 15,100 ERD to 15.1 EGLD?

Yes, you can use it to merge such transactions.

Any instructions how to set up the Bitrue API for import please ?
I’ve tried but keep getting access denied

Make sure you have enabled the permissions to Read information as well as Trading

Would it be possible merge saving interests ?

Some exchanges, like Binance, shows saving interests reward as daily deposit.
So If you have a few crypto in savings for a long time, it can be thousands of transaction with very small values.
It would be great to merge those as one transaction per year.


I was about to open a ticket for the same issue as raised by @bonjour81. In my case, I am using the Nexo platform, which also reports daily interest per coin. My tx cap will be consumed by all these small amount txs. It would be great to merge.


But does the underlying tx count used by koinly actually change to just the 1 merged tx? Or does koinly “soft merge” them for display, but actually count the originals too - might even add a tx for the merge to the existing count?

I tried to merge the ETH “cost” for fees into a transfer on an Etherium wallet (Metamask), but I got an error that trades and transfers can’t be merged. It would be great to be able to move the gas fees for Etherium transactions into the actual transaction.

I definitely agree. These sort of daily deposits are really only worth it for whales. If you’re making $1 of interest per day, the interest barely covers the cost of Koinly!

I think it would be really great if Koinly starts to track interest payments separately.

I’d happily buy a “booster” that would allow me to have e.g. 1000 trades transfer etc + unlimited rewards or loan interest deposits.


I agree, it would be great to have these small amounts merged

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The txn count is reduced after a merge. We still keep records of the original movements (seen on Ledgers tab) to prevent these from getting added back.

Right now only way of handling this would be to delete the multiple txns and adding a single one for them instead. You would have to delete such txns from csv files though as they would get reimported otherwise. We will look into this to see if theres something that can be done to simplify such merges

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Absolutely would be great to have this feature added to reflect “real” transactions, as ConorIA said, the value of interest earned on Nexo on smaller amounts, esp with Fia,t is wiped out immediately by the license purchase :frowning:.

I’m running into a problem with the merge feature: I merged a deposit and a withdrawal of what should be the same currency with the same abbreviation. BUT Koinly thinks that it’s two different currencies and therefore creates a trade instead of a transfer. If I want to change the withdrawal currency into the same as the deposit currency, Koinly says that in a trade the currency should not be the same. And there is no choice to tell it that it’s not a trade but a transfer. Also ist’s not possible to go back and “unmerge” the two transactions. So how to go on from here? Delete it completely and create a manual entry? This should be handled more elegantly by the program.