Unable to Merge Deposit and Withdrawal - why?


I tried to merge these Transactions as it’s a transfer between two internal wallets. But I cannot merge it.
What can I do to fix this problem? There are tons of these misinterpreted transfers in these two wallets…

Same shit here.
The “Deposit” is an actual Trade: ETH to FLOW.
The “Withdraw” is an actual Trade: FLOW to ETH.

No Merge possible. Why does Koinly not recognize it as a trade? It’s v2 Liquidity on Uniswap…

Hi @J11,

Thank you for your patience, and reaching out about this!

The issue of txns not merging usually happens because one side of the transfer has the wrong date. In order for Koinly to match transfers, they have to obey the rules for auto-matching.

The “send” transaction should happen before the “receive” transaction. :raised_hands:

If you’ve added the transaction manually, then you can change the date by editing it and Koinly will take care of the rest.

If anyone is using a CSV file, you’ll need to change the date for all transactions that were added from it, which can take a long time if there are many. Here’s what to do if you’ve imported a csv with the wrong dates:

  1. Figure out which timezone the dates are in (read our tips in the next section)
  2. Delete the wallet you had imported the csv file to
  3. Create a new wallet and select the CSV file import option
  4. Upload the csv file but make sure you click on More options > Timezone and set the correct timezone there.

If you have found the right timezone then Koinly will now import the transactions with the correct date and time and will be able to auto-match all your transfers.

Example: if you transferred 1 BTC from Coinbase to Bitfinex at 1/1/2019 14:00 UTC and imported the Bitfinex transactions using a csv file that contained a non-UTC time ex. 1/1/2019 11:00 (UTC-3) but without the timezone information, then Koinly will assume the transaction happened at 1/1/2019 11:00 UTC and so you would have a Withdrawal from Coinbase at 1/1/2019 14:00 UTC and a Deposit into Bitfinex at 1/1/2019 11:00 UTC. This means the transaction can’t be auto-matched.

Please connect with our support team if anyone is still experiencing issues with transactions not merging correctly so that we can further investigate what the discrepancy is. :+1:

Thank you again, J11. Have an awesome day, all!

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