Phemex Contract trading history missing when using API Import

None of my contract trading history is imported from Phemex via the API. I’ve created new API keys and resynced, but I’m only seeing transfers/balances from my spot account being imported into Koinly.

Hi @omgil,

Welcome to the Discuss community, and thank you for reaching out about this!

Unfortunately there’s a limitation with the Phemex API, though there is a fix request on this issue with our dev team. I don’t yet have an ETA, but if anyone here would like to be notified once it’s ready to go, please connect with our support team to request the notice. :raised_hands:

My apologies for this temporary inconvenience. An alternative means to the API method would be importing your full Phemex transaction history through CSV files. These tend to be more accurate as well. We’ll have specific directions on how to import on our Phemex integrations page.

If you have any questions or issues in the process, please do let us know. We’re happy to help at any step!

Thank you again for posting this question, omgil.

Have an awesome day! :sun_with_face:

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