Optimism fees are reported incorrectly from sync

Describe the problem:
Optimism fees are reported incorrectly by orders of magnitude

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Nothing. Sync seems to work all right and reports major amounts on trades correctly, but the fees are like a thousand times too low.

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Agreed. The figures are so wrong I can’t even work out where they’re being pulled from.
Please take a look Koinly!

Has this been fixed yet? Any update at all?

Not gonna let this close…

Hey guys :wave:

Thanks for reporting this. I have a deeper look and a bug ticket has been created already, I will chase this up and get back to you with an update! :slight_smile:

As long as I’m here, what is the difference between posting problems to discuss.koinly.io and posting them to feedback.koinly.io? Are they both available to the public?

@Jerry_Craigseller Hey Jerry!

For bug-related issues, the best way to let us know would be via Chat/Email so we can address this ASAP.

Our usual process would be to check our Canny page to see if there are any similar issues reported, if not we would create one internally and our dev team would look into this.

Generally speaking, the rate of response will be slower via Discuss as we are still building the community but you will be able to create public requests and see the progress of tickets on our Road Map in feedback.koinly.io.

I hope to have an update for you guys regarding the Optimism error this week :+1:

Any progress on this topic?

It can’t be that hard to get these fees right. This is just a parallel Ethereum chain and handling the fees should be easy. Two months later and it is STILL wrong??

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Same here, Optimism transactions are a mess.

This is the same problem as Arbitrum gas fees.
There is something wrong about how koinly is parsing ETH Layer twos…

I’m having the same critical problem here. Can someone from Koinly please let us know what the status is?

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