March 2022 update: Optimism, Moonriver + more

Hey everyone,

Some new features and integrations have gone live in the last couple of weeks :slight_smile:

Here are the main updates:

UI / features:

New blockchain integrations:

  • Optimism (Optimistic Ethereum)
  • Moonriver
  • Celo
  • POA
  • NRG

New CSV integrations:

  • AnchorUSD
  • Feelsmining

Fixes and smaller updates:

  • STRONG nodes will now import correctly
  • Swyftx API now reports staking
  • Tron API now reports TRC10/20 tokens
  • Coinex API will now import trades
  • Kraken API should now report staking

If you have any suggestions or requests then we always appreciate those! Just go to to post your request or vote for existing requests


I got all excited skim reading this seeing Anchor in the middle of this update thinking it was Terra Anchor. Now I’m just feeling disappointed again :disappointed:

I think I will just have to bite the bullet, export from and manually correct any missing/incorrect data. Once I have put in the time to do this I won’t be using the integration unless it is close to 100% accurate (unlikely based on previous experience).

Hello! My coinex API was working fine in Feb and now it no longer recognizes EOSUSDT. :confused: It still does not recognize margin trades (I had to upload a separate .csv for those).

Please fix this!!


Both my wallets show 0 transactions on Optimism when for sure I used L2 Synthetix DeFi

I have api has a kyc on them released without my knowledge and I haven’t active my account since August last year that’s why having problems

Use, they’ve just completed updates that do a very good job for Koinly export. You will still need to do a little adjusting but it gets you 95% of the way.