Product Update: 7th Feb 2021

New features

  • Added support for Paymium API
  • Added support for Coinfloor API
  • Added auto-sync for Elrond, QTUM and Edgeware
  • Added support for new exchange csv files


  • integration has been updated - Koinly will no longer skip transfers to/from the exchange and you are adviced to import the data from the App and the exchange in separate wallets
  • Nicehash exchange rates are now automatically imported (when available)
  • Fixed issues with staking txns on Zilliqa
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Amazing! thanks for adding Elrond. I was in the process of writing a script to import my data, you just saved me a lot of time.

when Hot bit , Bilaxy, and Huobi?


When will FTX Perps be supported so we have accurate realized_pnl?


When will the ROI % be correct when you hit over 1000%?

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when exchange?

Where can I find on the app (not the exchange) the CSV? Thanks


Using app, I’ve imported my CSV from the APP but now Koinly is showing me as having more CRO (their native token) than what the app I exported it from actually shows. Anyone else having issues? perhaps it’s double counting something related to the MCO/CRO swap in 2020?

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This happened to me. It was the amount that was automatically “destaked”. It showed as an earn reward and also was counted in the “overall swap”.

Fixed the API for coinex exchange ? it was working but no longer does