UPDATE: AVAX, FTM, Cronos, Arbitrum, Songbird + more

We have just launched the following integrations:

  • Avalanche C-Chain
  • Fantom
  • Cronos
  • Arbitrum
  • Songbird

We have also launched the following integrations for centralized exhcanges:

  • WazirX
  • Probit
  • Coincheck
  • Phemex
  • Valr
  • FMFW
  • BigOne
  • BitFlyer
  • LBank

Other updates:

  • Okex API now supports v5 keys
  • FTX API now supports subaccounts
  • Ethereum and other ETH-based blockchains now sync NFTs. The NFT integration is in progress and this is just the first step towards a much larger integration
  • XRP has been upgraded and now syncs all tokens. If you have any errors or duplicates in your XRP wallet then you should recreate this wallet

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with these new integrations.
Don’t forget to check out koinly.canny.io to vote for the integrations that you would like to see next!


Koinly not recognising LP transactions on Avalanche. Is there a timeline to fix this? Is there a solution that works across the board or does each separate Dex have to be added by yourselves?

Being able to add your own custom tokens would be a massive help

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Great AVAX is finally supported. I’m seeing issues with the AVAX integration for THOR - it says “no market price found for THOR on this date” ?? please can you get this fixed asap?


Thanks for the update!
Is it possible to implement a feature that realizes gains on NFT buys/sells but not on crypto to crypto trades?

Love love this update!! One thing I noticed, I minted 2 NFTs with a single transaction on CRONOS chain. The send transaction is separate from the 2 NFTs that were minted. It does not allow me to merge them into a single tx to setup the cost basis since I minted 2 under a single tx. Any solution besides soft deleting and manually recreating? Thanks!

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AVAX is working well with the exception of THOR. I am still getting the error: “no market price found for THOR on this date”. There are too many entries to manually input and prone to human error. Why can’t this just simply be pulled from coinmarketcap like the rest of your coin values?? Please can someone address this ASAP? This is the last open item then I will upgrade my account and be able to pay my taxes. Please help.


There are a number of issues with the AVAX update. It would be extremely helpful to post a list of known issues with these updates so I do not waste so much time discovering them on my own, which is an incredibly frustrating process.

  • X and P chain transfers are not accounted so my AVAX remains terribly inaccurate
  • DEX trades are recorded as Deposit and Send on both TraderJoe and Pangolin. Given these are in the same transaction, why are they not identified as Exchange?
  • Staking rewards are not recorded
  • LP transactions are not recorded

On top of that, I discovered that re-syncing a wallet will overwrite all manual changes that were made. This is most unfortunate because I lost hours of painstaking work.

Are there other issues with the AVAX update that we should be aware of?

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My AVAX on my c chain address is not displaying on Koinly.

My ETH balance on Arbitrum doesn’t show the correct amount while my Link balance is properly shown. Eth balance is negative wich is illogic.

I think the error is done within the Arbitrum bridging process. this should be addressed since bridging is becoming ubiquitous in defi right now.

for the NFT transactions coming through mine are all named the same thing PC3D so how do we determine which NFT this is for?

I don’t see LPs and it didn’t account for Galaxy Goggle DAO Token. It does find the staked tokens, but doesn’t really seem to support them.

Solid update, but I have noticed major issues with the Arbitrum integration. Firstly, as pointed out by other users, Arbitrum balances arent displaying correctly. The initial bridge into Arbitrum is showing as a transaction out, instead of in. This is due to how Arbitrum accounts for Eth. I am also missing alot of eth transfers in, and noticed that all my gas amounts paid on Arbitrum are doubled on koinly. Ive had to manually halve everything. A good feature to have would be to able to edit imported entries, instead of having to delete them and manually create new ones.

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tracking deposits from other wallets (like binance smart chain) result in errors because the tokens are not matching.

steps to repeat:

  • have binance smart chain wallet imported
  • have avax wallet imported
  • send your avax wallet some bnb from anyswap using binance smart chain wallet
  • resync both wallets
  • adjust the deposit in koinly on avax to a transfer from bsc
  • select bsc wallet, enter coin amount and try to associated the bnb token.
  • click save

observe your edits will not take effect because bnb does not match bnb (i assume its the avax .e notation vs bsc).


yes this is happening across all nft’s. Deleting and creating a manual doesn’t help either as a new token is created for every nft. EG: you mint 10 crypto punks and manually create a transaction for all ten. But once you sell one, koinly uses the “token” attached to that specific NFT. We get a warning that there is no purchase history because we are unable to make the minting transaction of the ten using all available “token” names.
These tokens should all be merged in the token list, it should be the contract that is defining what it is and not the nft token ID.

Thanks for adding bitflyer API! I have just tried to finally get rid of CSV import, but reported timezone do not match and make transfer to appears with missing funds errors (I beleive bitflyer report Japan time and Koinly consider it as UTC).

I have open another case here for info: BitFlyer API do not report UTC but Japan time. Transaction to other wallets do not match then