Many Missing Transaction for native cardano token using Eternl wallet

Describe the problem:
After Syncing my Eternal Wallet from scratch a number of times I still get a whole bunch of transactions missing that show up in Enterl transactions but not in coinly. this is creating a huge balance issue for me and I am wondering if this is known to the devs and they are working on it or not. To me it looks like an issue with the UXTO model cardano uses and koinly not correctl;y picking up these transactions.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?

What have you tried to fix this so far?
deleting the wallet and resynching, deleting transactions and resynching. many times

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Same thing for my wallets, ever since the last hard fork. It isn’t limited to my Eternl wallets. It is the case for all of my Cardano wallets that have more than one address. I need to do a lot of manual maintenance to keep everything in sync and balanced. Tons of work for me to do now, trying to balance everything for my taxes … this hasn’t happened for the wallets I put into “single address mode” from the start. I forget the actual option / term for it in Eternl.

I’ve only just used the swap function in my ETRNL wallet. As you stated, it’s still showing my original ADA balance prior to the swap. I’ve sent Koinly a message. Hopefully there is a work around.