Hilariously bad server capacity to start a wallet sync

Describe the problem:
wallet wont sync, you guys know about this, manual sync fails like 100x before syncing to coinbase. Seriously, this is just an attempt to get more money out of ppl for auto sync. Manual sync is broken. And you know it.

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I happily paid for auto-sync because the way Koinly functions, reads nearly any CSV file, has a ‘sent-to-pool’ function, and has great audit function.
However, I will agree the syncing issue with Coinbase is a REAL problem. Even autosyncing does not work. I can get it to sync after clicking the sync button for 15-45 minutes. Sometimes, I just give up and try again the next day. And it is not an issue with Coinbase because I use a few services and Koinly is the only one that won’t sync.
Koinly, please fix.

To add an edit to my previous reply: I appears Coinbase will sync if performed immediately after a Coinbase Pro sync. I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or an actual solution, though.