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Describe the problem:
It has previously been stated by both Binance & Koinly support that the “Earn / Binance Auto-Invest” transactions are not included in the API and i.e. need to be imported manually.

To confirm, I am using Binance API which is working fine for spot wallet transactions but it does not pick up the transactions made through the Binance Auto-Invest function.

I am able to manually download the Auto-Invest transactions from Binance. Just for trial purposes, I successfully uploaded the CSV however I did this to a new Binance Wallet in Koinly. Obviously this is not correct and it should be uploaded to the existing Binance API wallet.

I am reluctant to upload the CSV to the existing Binance API wallet as I am worried it may not work correctly and moreover that it could be a painful process to remove the 3000+ uploaded CSV transactions (which will have been merged with the API).

Can any confirm this is correct. I.e when uploading a CSV to the existing API wallet, there is no simple way to remove all the CSV transactions? OR is it possible to delete the uploaded CSV that has been merged with the API which will in turn remove all the CSV transactions.

My apologies for the long-winded explanation/question,

I hope it makes sense and your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Binance / Earn Auto-Invest / Spot

How did you import data into this wallet?

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Per above explanation

@OwO Hey! I responded to the ticket you opened regarding this :+1:

In short : The API is not syncing these transactions and our tech team is planning a fix for this. No ETA as of yet, but will announce this forum-wide once I have it/it is implemented.

Mixing API/CSV wallets is not recommended as duplicate detection will not work. Instead you should edit the CSV and remove any duplicate data and only import the missing transactions. Or, use CSV files exclusively.

The other option, is to create a secondary Binance wallet and import the data into here. Note, you will see missing purchase history errors, but the cost-basis will be preserved.

I hope that helps anybody else who comes across this issue, if not, please open a support ticket. :+1:

Hi Ali!

Would there be anyway to continue the ticket with you, if possible could you please re-open it and get back in touch with me as you have been super knowledgable in this area and Im still working on getting it right. Would love to pick your brain for ideas. Thank you!

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