Binance - Utter chaos in documentation from both parties - how to solve it?

Describe the problem:
Binance Tax report is just not working and the documentation from Koinly’s end is terribly chaotic.
You can find literally 5 different manuals/tutorials in this Discussion-Board, in articles in blogs, on YouTube and in the official Documentation. Each tutorial points out different problems with the CSV Import and/or API. Incredibly hard to tell which one is up to date and from my first assessment none of all descriptions is up2date. Not even this one which got updated just one week ago apparently: - ironically the embedded Video is 18 months old and tells a different manual then the text… It’s just utterly chaotic and terribly documented.

I tried it all:

  1. Creating a Wallet with API Sync. Deleting the transactions and adding the CSV with all transactions
  2. Using solely the API without CSV
  3. Using solely the CSV without the API

Nothing worked. Option 3 brought the best results so far.
From my point of view the CSV offers all Transaction Types, also IsolatedMargin and CrossMargin (even though the documentation from one week ago says otherwise). But I am still facing two major problems:

  1. The reported PnL from Isolated/Cross Margin is totally off. I don’t know how to fix this at all. No manual or tutorial which explains it but tons of other ppl having the same problem. Any help appreciated.
  2. The Withdrawals and Deposits are in the CSV (even though the documentation from one week ago says otherwise) but without any TX ID or Address where the Transaction comes from / goes to.
    I tried to fix this problem by additionally downloading all the Deposit and Withdrawal Logs (they have the address/tx id info) but I have no Idea how I can import these files in a way Koinly recognizing it’s the same wallet as the spot wallet? (I tried deleting all Withdrawals/Deposists from the main CSV and adding the newly downloaded withdrawal/Deposit logs manually as another binance wallet… but then Koinly thinks these are two different wallets…)

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Literally everything stated above.
Isolated/Cross Margin and Deposits/Withdrawals are a mess, no matter what I’ve tried. The documentation to “help” your users is chaotic, not up2date and contradicts itself.

I know a lot of this is Binance fault but please for the sake of god, get your documentation up2date and consistent. It’s literally useless the way you keep it up2date.

Hi J11,

Thank you for posting about this, and my apologies for the experience you’ve had with importing/syncing. Unfortunately it’s been a common stress point for many users because of the Binance API and CSV limitations.

Having you highlight our help resources will assist us to better evolve those articles to be more clear and include step-by-step approaches, accompanied by targeted screenshots and video guidance.

It does seem you have tried all means to import the Binance transaction data, and we agree the third option (using CSV imports) yields better results. That said, there can still be issues due to CSVs not being formatted/read for the operations transactions.

We certainly want to help, and have resolved the issues you’re experiencing from these importing challenges with other users. Would you please connect with our support team so that we can investigate your account/Binance wallet to assist with amending the files that are having issues?

My apologies again for the inconveniences of Binance API and CSV imports, and our appreciation for the feedback of our help resources. We look forward to helping on the support side. :raised_hands:

Have an awesome day!

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