5 New exchange APIs (including Huobi)

We have now added support for the following exchange APIs:


Crypto.com API has also added support for deposits and withdrawals so we have updated this API as well to support this.

Hope this is useful - Feel free to vote for any new integrations or request new ones on our Canny boards:


The update to crypto.com exchange API now screwed up my Koinly account

Now it’s not reading the transaction properly and have many negative cryptos not having a purchase record (82 transactions missing purchase history)

Please fix this!!

Same for me but with a lot more transactions…

I’d wish this would have been communicated before.
So now i have a transaction which is totally fine - imported from CSV and an additional Deposit or Withdrawal from Api.

Edit: tryed to fix myself by deleting the existing transfers with hoping koinly only deletes the Exchange side when i am in the Exchange filter.
But it removes both sides so i have to reimport the stuff for the other account too…

this means days of work to fix all for me - and for that i paid for biggest package?

If that’s the case, that means the manual CSV upload is doubling up with API withdraw and deposit. Why cant Koinly recognize it is duplicate and delete by itself?

Its a ton of work to redo everything and add back in all the manual entries

It seems like this has not been tested before implementing

Update: I have a feeling Koinly is not going to get around and fixing this anytime soon, so I went ahead and deleted the wallets and start over

Other problems I discovered:

  • crypto.com DeFi wallet not updating when trying to sync. I have to delete the wallet and add it again to pick up the new transactions

  • cash back reversal being charged as withdrawal gain.

I’ve experienced the same issues and now my exchange holding are all over the place.
I have removed the wallet and started again, but only just discovered this thread and think im going to have to do ti again :frowning:
however, the API doesn’t seem to returning the fee it cost to make the withdrawals so the account balance will still be out.
I guess i will have to go an add lots of manual “fee” type transactions to even the books :frowning: