Uploaded Wrong CSV, Need To Delete, Help

I accidentally uploaded the wrong CSV to the wrong exchange and now 600 incorrect transactions were just added. I spent hours correcting/verifying my 1500 transactions between all exchanges over the last couple months and now this messed everything up. I can’t just delete/readd the exchange because it will completely screw up all corrections/edits I made.

How I can undo the CSV I uploaded by mistake?

I guess you need to delete the exchange and do it again :man_shrugging:t3::cold_sweat:

Thanks for the replies everyone. I’ll look at all of my manual/deleted transactions for that exchange before I delete and reupload the exchange. Hopefully it will be smart enough to create the same errors as last time (what an oxymoron lol).

I’ve gone through that already, it’s a really bad experience. A “undo import” functionality would be great for such accidents.

Hi there Specialk2000!

Unfortunately we don’t have a feature to remove transactions imported from a specific CSV file, so you would either have to find all the incorrect transactions and delete them manually, or delete the wallet and add everything back.

We have this on our list of requested features though:

Sorry about the inconvenience!

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