Please add support for Avalanche (AVAX)

Please add support for Avalanche (AVAX)

I second this addition for the Avalanche network. Could we get confirmation that this is in the pipeline for 2021?


This is also a must-have for me. Now that the pangolin exchange has launched, I’m doing a lot of transactions on the Avalanche network.

You can download the CSV of transactions on the AVAX cchain explorer, but the CSV format doesn’t work for Koinly - not sure how easy it would be to adapt?


+1 here. Its an upcoming blockchain

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I am also hoping they add this. Would make life much easier.

AVAX with staking including ledger nano

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If we could add tracking of the Metamask C Chain for avalanche that would excellent. Metamask is the wallet being used by the fast growing Pangolin defi trading platform


Be sure to use the vote functionality so this gets noticed.