Unable to open dashboard and tax reports page

I encountered this error in dashboard and tax report:
Oops, something went wrong…
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’).

I click reload button, but nothing happened.


exactly same problem…
Please help

Hi Massimiliano,
DId you get any chance to solve the issue? i have the same problem.

Hey :wave:

This was a temporary bug which has now been fixed - please reload the page and post in here if the issue remains :+1:

I am still getting this issue on chrome / macOS 13

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@Joseph_Goss Please open a support ticket so we can provide some further troubleshooting steps :+1: mb

[email protected]

@Arnault_Sablier Please open a support ticket on [email protected] - this thread is being closed!

It would be great to share the solution here so we can all enjoy

@Arnault_Sablier Unfortunately, it would not be productive to share generic steps forum-wide as they vary for each user.

The best / quickest way to resolve this is to get in touch and log the issue with our tech team. :+1:

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