Token swap after Kucoin hack

Describe the problem:
Several projects decided to do a token swap after the Kucoin hack, the original token was replaced by a new one and airdropped to all wallets except the hackers wallet rendering the “old” tokens useless.
How should i address this in my Koinly ?
The token is Covesting - COV

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Ethereum wallet (Ledger)

Hi, just delete the airdrop transaction. We only maintain one currency for each coin so it doesnt matter which address they switched to.

I did that for one of the coins that was also part of the swap due to Kucoin hack but now my total holdings do not reflect the real value of such coin. perhaps you can check the price feed it is NOIA Token. thanks.

If the old tokens are still on your wallet then Koinly may be recognizing them still, you can edit the api settings and enable the “ignore reported balances” option then resync