Token Swap original ticker symbol unavailable on Koinly

I have a token in a portfolio that underwent a so called token swap and ticker symbol change. The BQX - Voyager - token was delisted on 16. August 2021. Then the token swap took place and elligable users got their BQX replaced with a 1:1 distribution of VGX - Voyager. On the 20. August 2021 VGX - Voyager _ was then listed on Binance again.
( Here is the article from 10. August 2021 on Binance news, describing the process : Binance Will Support the Voyager Token (BQX) Token Swap to Voyager Token (VGX) | Binance Support )
Now, in my Koinly tax report for this year, instead of GBP 282.82 of capital Gains and some GBP 900 ( roughly) of Income, I have the value of that Token Swap added to my income as mining Reward, instead of it being recognized as a Token Swap of an existing position. N.B! this wasn´t a fork or airdrop, or mining reward, this was Token Swap and a re-naming of a token after a merger with another company/ exchange.
How can it be edited - if not recognized by the Koinly app as is the case at the moment - as ´Token Swap´ with the previous ticker unavailable on the drop down list of tokens without it being erroneously listed as Income (or Capital Gains).