Sync wallet/exchange clear manual adjustments?

If I made some manual adjustments in the past such as directing funds to a custom wallet or marking a transaction as a donation when it was imported as a expense does that get changed back when I resync to import my new transactions? Basically will the stuff I changed be changed back to the way it was originally imported in to Koinly?

Hi @Ryan_Sargent,

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Doing a sync/resync won’t alter your manual work with a custom CSV based wallet. :+1:

It’s a bit different with an API-based wallet and there are some things to be mindful of. If you soft delete a transaction then it wont re-appear on next sync. In some cases even if you permanently delete a txn, it may not appear on next sync right away but you can bring it back in by going to the Wallet > Troubleshoot > Sync from beginning which will import any permanently deleted txns.

You should soft delete the txn then add your own manual one with any changes you want, this will prevent the importer from bringing it back in.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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