Is it save to delete a wallet because of upgraded API?

Hi everybody,

I have a Avalanche wallet connected to Koinly with lots of additional information added to transactions. It seems like the API for this wallet has been updated and I’m wondering if it’s save to delete the wallet and add it again without losing all the old transactions and their descriptions?


Wallet: Ledger Avalanche (AVAX) (Avalanche C-Chain (AVAX))
Transactions: 610
Imported with: API

  1. API has been upgraded
  2. Start date is set
  3. 15 transactions have been added manually

If you delete a wallet and resync, you’ll lose any manual work you did. E.g add descriptions, manually entries etc

The transactions themselves will resync though

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Hi Chocobot,
Thank you for your reply. Seems like deleting the wallet is a bad idea. But do I have to do anything even if the API has been upgraded? Can I simply leave it the way it’s now?


Check out this link for the best way to handle it


Is there a solution to this? I cant see anyway of resetting the API, and I don’t want to delete the wallet as there is a long history of transactions with many manual entered comments and some other manual entries…

@Chocobot Thanks for the link, i kinda feel that the help page misses the warning that deleting a wallet will result in loosing all manual transactions, descriptors, soft deletes etc. Maybe when you delete it warns, i dont know i have not tried. Also a good feature would be the possibility of exporting these manual inputs as csv, so its easy to reenter or even import.

Actually i just found its possible to export Manual Transactions

Wallet > Troubleshoot > Review Manual Transactions > Top Right … > Export/Import