Sugggestion: Add Near Wallet API Tracker and (Near DEX) Transactions

I would really like to see Near Wallet Added as well as its underlying DEX exchange

Hi @quantleon

Pardon my delay in response, and thank you for shining a light on this! :raised_hands:

We are definitely with you on integrating Near API, and our product team has this on the roadmap. For everyone interested in expediting this for Koinly, please add your vote here.

At this time we don’t have an ETA , though more people adding their vote to it will prioritize this for the team. Notifications will immediately be sent out once the API is ready to go. :rocket:

In the meantime, Near can now export CSV data. You can import those files into Koinly by following this article here. :+1:

Please reach out to our support team for targeted assistance if any issues come up.

Thank you, and have an awesome day!