NEAR protocol support

Are there any plans for adding NEAR to koinly? Is it on the roadmap? Trying to decide if I should enter everything manually or file for an extension.


Alex from Koinly here :slight_smile:

I’m afraid it’s not quite clear how long it will take to integrate NEAR. Right now there is very limited data available to pull from the APIs and they have pretty restrictive safety features that makes it even more difficult to properly sync transactions.

At this time I would say it’s best if you manually add the transactions, either by creating a custom csv:

Or by adding the transactions directly via the Koinly UI.

I hope that helps!

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hi alexander,
I did not find the option to download and .csv in the near wallet nor chain explorer. Where do I find it?


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Hi @undix,

Pardon reviving this older thread, though Near can now export CSVs! :raised_hands:

This may be relevant to others for the upcoming tax seasons. :+1:

We’ll have this article to help with importing NEAR CSVs as they are unsupported at the moment.

Also, for anyone interested in NEAR API support, please add your vote here. We still don’t have an ETA, though notifications will immediately go out once the product team has finished the integration. This can be expedited by more people showing interest, and adding votes to the Canny.

Pardon the bother again for waking the dead thread. :zombie:

Have a stellar day!

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