Add Cake Defi csv file imports to Koinly

Please add the possibility to import the Cake defi ( csv files into koinly directly.

Yeah please, really need that

I agree, this is needed.

Especially because of the staking and liquidity mining on CakeDefi.

Apparently CakeDefi is working on an API, so I am guessing koinly is waiting for this.

Yes, please do add CakeDeFi to koinly - i have no clue how i would otherwise do my taxes :sweat_smile:


It’s noted.

Our dev team is working around the clock to improve Koinly features as well as adding new exchanges, coins, and blockchain support for our users. We might not support what you want right now, but rest assured, we listen to our community and we’re working on it. So please bear with us as we try to improve Koinly for you now and in the future.

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