Should aUST to UST be considered Deposits?

I am going through my transactions because my unrealized losses are much lower than what they obviously should be. I think the issue may lie in how anchor handled transactions with the wormhole. Right now my withdrawal from anchor generated 3 transactions

Cost: transaction fee
Send: xxx AUST to the wormhole (showing 50% realized loss)
Deposit: wormhole to my avax address (showing market value of a 83% loss from initial transaction)

During the collapse, I withdrew my aUST however it was held nearly 24 hours before i received it. I believe these transactions are what have my unrealized losses filed incorrectly. Should I simply make a custom transaction and soft delete these to show the entire unrealized loss via a deposit or trade? Since technically the middle wormhole is still me and not a trade?

edit** For now, I have created a Swap transaction to show my aUST to UST which now gives me a much more accurate loss

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This is a tricky one but Koinly is adjustable so you can choose how you wish to handle this. Your method of creating a swap transaction would certainly work in this case.

The question, however, should be how your tax authority views such transactions. It would be well worth going over this with a tax expert/accountant local to you!

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