aUST (Terra Anchor Earn)

Since Anchor Earn on Terra is now the self-proclaimed gold standard for defi savings rates, it seems prudent to add the deposit token (aUST) to Koinly.

Apologies in advance is there is a better venue for such suggestions.

I was also keen on getting this implemented. As of now terra support is not there in Koinly. I hope once they get terra wallet integrated we would be able to track our anchor UST deposits properly. As of now i use a spreadsheet and it is a nightmare to maintain :slight_smile:

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I’m also surprised the the entire Terra Luna ecosystem is not on Koinly. Please, please add aUST to the system. As is, I am having to do some rather unique accounting to work around it and that shouldn’t be necessary.

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+1. Please get on to this!

Just wondering how you currently handle it?