Please add SOL (Solana) wallet support

Solana (currently ranked #39 in coingecko) is an established and promising project. I’d like to track my transfers in and out of that wallet in Koinly.


I would also appreciate this.


I’d additionally appreciate Koinly including Solana ecosystem based wallets.

Either supporting through MathWallet or introducing the likes of Sollet


Please add Solana support.


is anyone from koinly monitoring these chats ? we dont hear from them lately on our queries .

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Agreed. This is a must have. The solana ecosystem is one of the more popular in the crypto space now. Solana blockchain / wallet support is really needed.

Why isnt there an answer on this? This Thread is from february

I would also like to add this wallet to my account

I don’t think so, would be nice to have an answer or any type of engagement would be nice

Totally needed. Solana Ecosystem is growing very fast.

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Very much needed. Please implement it!

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Seconding this request thank you