Support for Solana blockchain

Hi there,

Could you please consider adding support for the Solana blockchain:

Many thanks

Yes, Please add Solana so that i can track my Kin Cryptocurrency


yep…this and terra need to be added soon or we need to start finding a better solution that can keep up with the tech.


I would like this too. A lot of people are trading on decentralised exchanges on the SOL network. Support for this would be very much appreciated. <3

Yes Please and SOL Solana. Much needed.

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Really keen for support of SOLANA ecosystem wallets such as Sollet

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Please add support for Solana and :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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This is a must, Solana is now a top 20 coin

Fully agree. wallet is a must have feature. Next trend of IDOs.

Yes, please add Solana support, particularly wallet. Very important for me.

Another vote here. Sol in the top 15 now so would be really handy if I could track my wallet.

I see there are a few separate threads wrt to Solana support as a feature request. Can these be pooled/ combined?

Solana would me much appreciated yeah!

I also would like this please


It’s noted.

Our dev team is working around the clock to improve Koinly features as well as adding new exchanges, coins, and blockchain support for our users. We might not support what you want right now, but rest assured, we listen to our community and we’re working on it. So please bear with us as we try to improve Koinly for you now and in the future.

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