API For solana wallet not updating

My solana wallet is not updating the transactions . At one point it had 900+ transactions and now 175. Please help.

Wallet: Solana (SOL) Hotwallet (Solana (SOL))
Transactions: 175
Imported with: API

  1. Something went wrong while syncing, try again in a few minutes or contact support.
  2. This API has certain limitations:
  3. 13 transactions are missing purchase history
    ---- Missing 8.23809178 SOL between 2024-02-08 15:29:54 UTC and 2024-03-15 12:52:03 UTC

Looking for an update

I’ve found a way to download the CSV-file from SOLSCAN which contains the whole hitstory of the wallet. Then, I’ve tried to upload this CSV to Koinly, but it did not work.

Dear Koinly developers,
as a temporary solution, please implement the import of CSV-files from SOLSCAN.
The current import of CSV-files to SOL wallets on Koinly does not work.

Many Ragards

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Same here…Solana not syncing, error messages…Phantom wallet either. Syncing working fine in Ledger etc.


Known issue, been this way for quite a while now. As yet no resolution found.

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Hey @Chris_Golas

Thanks for your message. :blush:

We are having an issue with the SOL API at the moment, but the team is working on it as we speak:

If you upvote the issue at the link above, you’ll receive an email as soon as it is resolved. :+1:t2:

I don’t have an ETA but it is one of their top priorities right now.


Any eta yet on the issue?

Looking for an update!

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Sort of working now but dates are completely mixed up

Need this fixed immediately please as I have to file my taxes


Please provide alternate solution with csv import instructions

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The issue still persists across SOL wallets.


I’m having similar issues. When I attempt to auto sync my Sol wallets (from Phantom) I get regular errors messages, including:

“[429] Too many requests”


“Something went wrong while syncing, try again in a few minutes or contact support.”

Recently some appear to sync without error messages, however there’s 3x of each transaction!

There have been issues with the Solana wallets for many months, please resolve Koinly team…

Hey all - the error should be resolved, but minor issues may still be present whilst we iron out some remaining issues - we ask for your patience at this time :slight_smile:

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The only thing now that I notice that is odd is that my average buy price for Solana has increased for some odd reason. I could be mistaken but my records show a different cost and there have been no changes or transctions since the issue…I know this is probably about impossible to figure out but just mentioning it in case anyone else has noticed any anamolies like this.

@Tony2 hey!

we can take a look at the avg price for you, can you please open a ticket via support?

[email protected]